Snake Oil or Miracle Drug? Keep an Eye on Your Medications

Every day we see or hear about drugs and medicines that are going to make us smarter, prettier, stronger, and/or cure all that ails us. “Do they really work?” is not the main question that needs to be asked.

What You Should Be Asking

  1. What are the side effects?
  2. Is the manufacturer telling the whole truth about the testing and results?
  3. Is the drug being marketed for a purpose for which it was not intended (known as off-label marketing, which is illegal)?

Drug Issues In The News

FDA Issues Warning About So-Called Brain Supplement Prevagen

A supplement called Prevagen, which has helped propel its manufacturer, Quincy Bioscience, into the ranks of fastest-growing companies in the U.S., shows evidence of serious side effects and should be marketed and regulated as a drug, says the U.S. Food and Drug Administration […] Read Full Article

Zofran® Use During Pregnancy Linked to Serious Health Problems in Babies

The anti-nausea drug Zofran (ondansetron) has been linked to doubled risks of heart defects and serious illness in newborns, according to recent research and a newspaper investigation. What type of health problems and birth defects have been linked to Zofran? Morning sickness usually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy, which is when fetuses are […] Read Full Article

Health Care Scams Touted in Surprising Places

A duo of well-known health gurus has touted the benefits of a supplement called Rhodiola as a fatigue and stress fighting “tonic.” Further research revealed that all studies supporting these claims were conducted in former Soviet republics.[…]Read Full Article

FDA Warns Against Taking Supplement Called Reumofan Plus

The FDA says Reumofan Plus, a dietary supplement manufactured in Mexico but sold widely on the internet and at some retail outlets and flea markets, contains unlisted ingredients that could seriously harm users. […]Read Full Article

How Are Drug Manufacturers Legally Responsible?

Whether the drug is over-the-counter, mail order or prescription only, manufacturers are responsible for ensuring their products are safe. They also have a responsibility to explain the risks and benefits of their products in ways people can understand, and to continue to evaluate their products for safety as more people use them. When companies fail in these responsibilities, they can be held legally responsible to the people they hurt.

Rob Jenner

Robert Jenner brings to the My Advocates medical and legal team more than 26 years experience representing injured consumers nation-wide against the manufacturers of dangerous prescription drugs, defective medical devices, tainted blood products, and other unsafe products. Mr. Jenner has been honored by his peers for inclusion in “The Best Lawyers in America” and “Maryland’s Super Lawyers”(named in Top 50). READ FULL BIO

11 Responses to “Snake Oil or Miracle Drug? Keep an Eye on Your Medications”

  1. avatar Frankie Rene White says:

    Just want to say thank you for exposing dangers in products which would normally be undisclosed to the public.

  2. avatar Cheryl says:

    Times have changed, you’re living in the past because today’s FDA has not only lost its credibility but has been clearly delineated time and time again as being dangerous to human health. Aspartame and flouride are just two examples of what the FDA supports.

    It’s as clear as day FDA is nothing more than a type of mafia operating on behalf of corporate interests. So when you attack a product, we don’t at all take what the FDA claims seriously. The agency has completely 100% lost all credibility. Because the FDA is attacking Prevegen, I’m going to use the product.

  3. avatar Urban Daniel says:

    Cheryl needs to read some of the non-FDA reports on Prevagen written in some cases by those with an education in that type of product. It has limited published positive results and most imply that it is somewhat like a placebo.

  4. avatar Ann says:

    Have to agree with Cheryl. FDA doesnt have much credibility lately. Every other commercial is a lawsuit against a drug that was FDA approved and now people are sick or dying from it. Consumers must be smart and do their research. Im sure they want Prevagin to be a drug so the big drug companies can manufacturer it and triple if not more, the price.

  5. My wife’s memory became so bad that we could not find her glasses in the house . . . later we found them in the freezer . . . she would cry because she was losing her memory . . . she has been taking Prevagen for a year and a half and her memory is back to normal . . . she is a retired university professor of biology and is very intelligent . . . we can only say Thanks God for Prevagen . . . Clancy DelForge Ed.D . . .

  6. avatar sarah says:

    I agree the FDA is bought by the big companies. There are side effects to anything you take so just do the research on this as any other thing you ingest.

  7. avatar JoevDeagle says:

    A little basic science.

    Prevalent is a protein. A protein is like a chain of amino acids. Think of prevagen as a train and the amino acids are the cars of that train.

    Your gastrointestinal tract does not absorb proteins. If it did your immune system would recognize it as foreign and it would cause an allergic response.
    The way you body uses proteins if to break them into individual amino acids before absorbing them.
    So all proteins are just a source of amino acids.
    The same amino acids are in all proteins.
    The amino acids in prevagen are no different than anything else you eat.

    so basic science should tell you this stuff can not possibly work.

  8. avatar Linda Savage says:

    What is the current medical profession thinking on Prevagen now. As in January 2015? There was an infomercial on TV this evening that sounded very convincing and lots of positive comments online?

  9. avatar mary says:

    Im sure FDA is making fuss about this because the didn’t get their cut… a lot of drugs they’ve approved over the years have been less than helpful… they are nothing but bullies and blackmailers.

  10. avatar Teresa says:

    Drug manufacturers are among the largest profiteers in the world and everyone knows the FDA is controlled by them and the corporate food manufacturers (who poison our children everyday with chemicals and GMO products). WAKEE UP PEOPLE!!! Congress itself is nothing more than a corporate battle ground! Using FDA warnings to support an argument only gets suspicion from me.
    I would not take anything that does not have plenty of unbiased research to show it is safe. However, unbiased research is rare due to the drug companies “funding” all the universities that do the research…let the buyer beware.

  11. avatar Donald says:

    Prevagen appears to have remarkable potential but I agree that it needs to go through the FDA processes for a new drug application (NDA). Perhaps some type of expedited clinical trial, or a large crossover clinical trial, may provide relief for the epidemic of neurodegenerative disorders affecting the elderly. In general, supplements should be forced to prove their safety and efficacy if they are going to make significant health claims.

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