Lawsuits against Skechers for Shape-Ups toning shoe injuries can still be filed. The company’s $40 million settlement has no effect on this legal recourse.

It’s one thing to fleece the public by overstating the benefits of a product. It’s quite another to knowingly sell something that hurts people. Skechers is currently making restitution for this first offense under a $40 million settlement offer reached with the Federal Trade Commission and announced May 16.

But accusations of harm can and are still being made as people hurt by the shoes learn they can sue the company for medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. This is their right under the law.

Since the settlement announcement, my firm has received more than 10,000 inquiries from the public about their legal options regarding Skechers toning shoes. We’ve been happy to help people through the FTC process to get their money back.

But for people who report injuries, the process is different. We investigate their claims and, if appropriate, file a lawsuit on their behalf.  These lawsuits have been combined for the purposes of gathering evidence and other court proceedings before the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Kentucky in Louisville (MDL No. 2308).  Each person’s case will be considered separately by the court, however, because claims will differ in the amount and nature of the harmed caused.

Kentucky attorney Ronald E. Johnson Jr. of Schachter Hendy & Johnson, and I have been appointed by the court as Co-Lead Counsel in this multidistrict litigation.

The personal injury lawsuits contend that the design of Skechers rocker-bottom shoes altered our clients’ gaits and caused severe lateral instability, which in turn placed them at a heightened risk of developing chronic injuries such as stress fractures of the feet, legs and hips. We also contend that acute injuries caused by the instability, such as fractures caused by falls, are common among wearers of rocker bottom shoes.

We also contend that Skechers promoted its toning shoes as having multiple health benefits compared to ordinary athletic shoes while knowing the shoes do not confer those benefits and while failing to warn consumers of the shoes’ serious additional risks.

Consumers can learn more about the ongoing Skechers lawsuit by going to our toning shoes injury website.  The site also provides links to the FTC’s Skechers Refund website as well as a link that refers toning shoe-related injuries to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.


Rob Jenner

Robert Jenner brings to the My Advocates medical and legal team more than 26 years experience representing injured consumers nation-wide against the manufacturers of dangerous prescription drugs, defective medical devices, tainted blood products, and other unsafe products. Mr. Jenner has been honored by his peers for inclusion in “The Best Lawyers in America” and “Maryland’s Super Lawyers”(named in Top 50). READ FULL BIO

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