Meningitis Outbreak Information

Meningitis Outbreak Latest Statistics Show More Deaths

Beginning in May 2012, 23 states started receiving contaminated steroid drugs from the New England Compounding Center (NECC). Six months later, over 700 people have been made seriously ill and 50 people have died due to fungal meningitis infections from these drugs according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CBS News 60 Minutes interviewed two former employees who said the company ignored warnings that their procedures could result in serious harm to the very people they were entrusted to help. An estimated 500 wrongful death claims have been filed against the company owners and shareholders. Although NECC has closed, the investigations continue.

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Meningitis Cases Result in Mass Tort Litigation

Janet, Jenner & Suggs, LLC is one of the lead law firms involved in the mass tort against the NECC, representing families injured by the contaminated drugs in several states. The firm has physician/attorneys and nurse paralegals, in addition to the nation’s leading pharmaceutical lawyers, who can help answer questions from potential victims of the contaminated steroid injections. Claims must be registered before legal rights expire and, if accepted, added to the mass tort litigation.